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Everyone has been asked as a child...
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
We help children to set positive career goals.

"Dream Starters has Captured the Dreams of Hundreds of Thousands of Children."

- Dream Starters USA





















Career Pictures

As a child we have all been asked…  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Typically when a child answers this question the person asking says  “That’s nice, and that’s the end of the conversation.  At Dream Starters we feel that it should not be the end of the conversation, it should be the beginning.

We often tell our children that they can become ANYTHING they want to be when they grow up.  Dream Starters Career Pictures quite simply reinforces this idea by turning your child’s dreams into actual goals.  Think about it…  As parents it’s our job to expose our children to as many positive things as possible…   the zoo, the museum, summer camps etc.  However when it comes to our children’s dreams we often fall short.

We dress and photograph your child in three career choices.  The pictures are taken at one of our convenient locations.  Dream Starters Career Pictures captures your child’s dreams of tomorrow, TODAY!

Visualization is a great way for your children to learn.  Seeing themselves as a Doctor, Police Office or even President of the United States builds their self-esteem.

Now you can give your child a commanding head start!

Career Guides

“If you fail to plan… You plan to fail!”  We have all heard this statement before and at Dream Starters we felt it was important to provide the children with a plan for their career pursuit.

It is never too early to plan.  Our Dream Starters Career Guide is a road map designed to help your child reach their career goal.

Giving your child a plan can be beneficial in a number of positive ways.  First and foremost it can help motivate them to make better grades.  It can also provide further insight to the child about their career choices and what it takes to become successful.

Our Career Guides:

  •    Contains a picture of the child dressed as their career choice
  •    Informs the child of the detailed responsibilities of their career choices
  •    Informs the child of the personality traits that are best suited for their career choices
  •    Informs the child of the school subjects they should focus on for their career choices
  •    Informs the child of the education and training they will need for their career choices
  •    Even Informs the child on how much money they can earn in their career choices

Our Career Guides are POWERFUL TOOLS that parents use to keep their children on track!